Hey there ! here is the first idea of some neo classical shred guitar patterns I want to present to you. it consists of a chord structure which is Im Vm Im I so it is Cm to Gm and back to Cm and ends in C major which is pretty classical sounding. Its a pretty cool pattern that starts off with tapping parts of the arpeggios using both the long finger and little finger. I keep the pick between my thumb and index finger which makes it easier to do the tapping with two fingers. What you need to look out for is as soon as you tap with two fingers in that moment when that happens you dont have the luxury of dampening the strings with the right hand palm on the low strings so you have to practice being as precise as possible when you do the tapping and it is actually a good thing to at some point practice this sequence with distortion since the distortion will really be revealing about how thorough you are dampening the strings. In the C major sweep picking arpeggio you also need to be aware about rolling your little finger both over the A and the low E string. This is also a point where there is a possibility that both strings could be ringing at the same time so this part is also a good idea to practice isolated. In fact it is a great idea to practice all these three sweep picking arpeggios iundividually. Good luck !!