This piece of music is taken from the latest (as of this moment) Sage's Recital album titeled The Winter Symphony. It features myself on Guitars, bass and Orchestrations, Jakob Vand on Drums and John West on vocals and Fabio Lione as well on vocals. This solo is a lot of fun to play because it features both some strong melody as well as some pretty cool Shredding

A few of the notable techniques worth paying some extra attention to is the bendin lick on the G string, here you need to make sure you play the bended note with the little finger in order to be ready to do the emediate legato phrazing right after the bending and of course combined with the Tapping. The other thing worth menitioning is the sweep picking where you combine it with the tapping using the long finger, ring finger and little finger, but if you have checked out my lessons before this probably is nothing new to you, that being said you still need to master this technique to be able to pull off the solo obviously, good luck !!