This lesson can be used both by beginners as well as for the advanced player who already are mastering the Alternate picking technique who just want to use the lessopn as a lick. But the video is created in such a way so a beginner will get a success certain way to master the alternate picking technique and more importantly get a way of practicing that will get you to your goal every time you want to learn something new. As I also state in the video its all about the mental game and with a little bit of a scientific approach and persistance you will get there before you know it, so stick with me in this one and you will certainly be playing fast alternate picking soon.

Mastering speed for the beginners
Part 1
In the Tablature you will notice that it says Part 1, learn this part by heart so you never play a wrong note, also pay attention to your technique, do you consistantly play up and down? and do you make use of the same fingering every time you play the first part? This is the nuts and bolts of getting the speed up. Next thing is to differentiate between eight notes and sixteenth notes, see the video for more details and hear the difference. Once you can play the first part to a metronome it becomes a numbers game and you can easily monitor your progress every day

Part 2
Once you are able to play part one without any errors and you are getting some tempo into it, you can add the next part. You should for most efficiency drill part two exclusively in 8th notes, also because you might become bored drilling part one again as 8th notes. Once you can get part 2 up the speed you can put them together and put the whole thing up the speed.

Part 3
At this point you are ready to contiue through the whole piece in the same fasion as part 1 and part 2 and the at some point put the whole thing together. You obviously need the right psychology to get Alternate picking up the speed. But the approach we have used hear you can easily do it, it just takes time