Inspired from a non shredder. I have an old friend who is not a shredder at all but in all the bands he's been playing in is he still the one to take the solos and I noticed a lot of people are inpressed with them even though he never really 
studied the guitar for soloing using scales and arpeggios but he found a simple thing that always works for him when he wants to impress.

So he has this short little alternate picking phrace he does every time he needs to intensify the solo and it works like a charm. So I was thinking if he can do it without drilling all the sclae patterns and all the arpeggios and techniques which certainly can be overwhelming. Everyone can do it, and the other thing thats great about having a short little intensity lick is that once you get it working it will inspire you to practice more, but enough of my yappin' just see the video