Hey guys and dolls ! here is another shred guitar lesson, this one is string skipping and as I also explain in the video the obvious inspiration is of course Paul Gilbert but also that I prefer playing alternate picking all the way through instead of combining alternate picking with hammer on and pull off as Paul Gilbert does. ThereĀ“s no doubt that this way of using alternate picking all the way is way more challenging since you have to be really quick with the picking hand to avoid spaces between every pattern which would sound pretty ridiculous. So the cool thing about using alternate picking all the way is that you really get an extremely good lesson to work on your alternate picking and string skipping. So I mostly use it as a lesson and not really as a lick, but it really sounds cool. If you are not accuainted with the Harmonic Minor scale you might be thrown off a little bit by the patterns and so to make it a little easier to dig into I suggest that you spend some time practicing at least the seventh, first and second position of the Harmonic Minor scale which is the positions that the lesson is utilizing. If you do want to use it in your own playing you can kick it off from the second position of the Harmonic Minor scale and it ends and makes use of the entire seventh position of the Harmonic Minor scale. If you are new to the String Skipping concept I suggest that you make a little drill out of the first two or three patterns so you only move between the high E string and G string and in the second case also the D string. Shred On !!