Here is a new 8 finger tapping lick that is another way of doing eight finger tapping than I normally do it. Its a little inspired from TJ Helmerich who I would say actually use the Right hand in general 75 procent more than the left hand when he is soloing. The first thing of difficulty that comes to mind is the individual work of the right hand fingers since the first pattern the right hand is doing is almost all on different strings. What I found especially challenging was the part where you are entering the G string just after leaving the D string with tapping with the index and little finger, I enter the B string with the ring finger and so the complete pattern of this ascending part for the right hand is index, little, ring and long finger which is a really nice workout for the right hand. Notice what happens when you aretapping with the ring finger and be aware that you dont play the little finger and the ring finger simultaneusly which was something I experienced the first times I created the lick. You can kick the phrase of from the third, fourth and seventh position of the Major scale if you want to start using the lick when you are improvising. This is of course not a traditional way of playing so apart from the technical dificulties the lick involves it is also a new way of thinking when you start implementing the lick so brace yourself and prepare for for quite a shred guitar brain teaser. Good luck