Rightyho !! here is once again one of those crazy ass sweep picking triad arpeggios combined with tapping. And in this one I obviously do the sweep picking with the thumb and index finger which then gives me the possibility to tap with the long finger, ring finger and little finger. I want to tell you that it is a good attitude to have towards anything you want to learn that you can easily reach the goal that you have set for yourself but its also important to know that - that being said... if you think its easy to put in a lot of work and not expect perfect results fast... Then Yes.. its easy. Im saying this because I have noticed that a lot of people on the internet is saying that Sweep Picking is easy, but you just have to remember that it is only easy once you have put in the work to learn it, and even that is not the whole truth because Sweep Picking is still a technique that requires pretty high maintenance. The only way Sweep Picking becomes easy is if you are satisfied with a crappy result where you typically only hear first and last note so don´t fool yourself to believe that it does not require a lot of practice to make it sound good. Im only saying this so people don´t give up once they find out that it requires a lot of dedication to make Sweep Picking sound great. But fortunately Sweep Picking gives the possibility to play some outstanding lines and runs that would not be possible with alternate picking(at least at a high tempo) so it´s a totally awesome and funny technique to practice

This pattern is a combination of Harmonic Minor and Melodic minor because of the Tapping patterns. So you could see it as a IV - I patterns in Harmonic Minor and then the final Sweep Picking Pattern fits into the V step but the notes that are tapped fits into Melodic Minor but you can still easily play the lick in both modes and it sounds great. If you start the lick with the little finger you can kick it off from the second position of the Harmonic Minor or Melodic Minor scale. Good Luck !