Sweep Picking Secret Arpeggios 1

Hey Fellas ! Im starting a saucy series of Secret Arpeggios. The reason I call them something like that is because they are arpeggios that are very unusual, from Exotic scales among others, some of them contains pretty much all the notes of the scale that gives it the specific sound. And the other reason is because I like the drama there is in calling something "Secret" So instead of dwelling anymore on this, lets get to the important stuff.... Learning to utilize it. This particular arpeggio comes from the Japanese scale, it minor with the second, fourth, fifth and flat sixth, so its only a five note arpeggio when you also count the root note, and actually this arpeggio contains all four notes of the scale, so you can  also just call it the Japanese scale played Arpeggio style. Notice I play sweep picking but with Hammer-on´s and Pull off´s added which can take some time to get used to, but hang ten and you will succeed... I know you will