The barring and rolling technique

So one of the totally crucial techniques you need to master to be able to play even a satisfying sweep picking arpeggio is the barring technique, but evidently not just barring, you need to drill what I also call the rolling technique or rolling barr technique. So if you are barring three strings with one of your fingers, then as the arpeggio progresses up or down, that finger which is rolling needs to be able to play one note and leaving the remaining two out, and as you can imagine that is really tough, especially when you want to play the middle string, what I mean is that if you roll over the high E, the B and the G string then once you come to the B string then the E string and the G string is supposed to be muted

And this technique you need to master with both the index finger, the long, ring and little finger too. To make your practicing as relevant as possible then I suggest choosing sweep picking patterns that you actually use or want to use so you don't waste time on lessons that are solely lessons but instead drilling material making use of the techniques you need to drill. 

This approach makes sure you are as effective as possible with your practicing. If you don't already have a lot of sweep picking patterns that you practice and play then please look up this bloog under the Sweep picking category to get loads of material. Good luck !