This piece is not only to learn an extremely cool Frederik Chopin inspired Etude but also a lesson that takes you through the crucial elements of really mastering a technique to the fullest, in this case Sweep picking combined with Sliding and multi finger Tapping

Step 1
This is the step where you will learn all the fundamentals like getting down all the right notes and the fingering which is an absolute critical part. As well as the picking patterns. This is also the step where you can just sit down and enjoy playing in your own tempo

Step 2
Now its time to add the Metronome because the metronome can really benefit you in this step, especially because when combining several different techniques theres a chance that going from one technique to the next those irritating little breaks might happen. This often happens when combining Sweep picking, sliding and Tapping.

Step 3
The final step is also where you are supposed to master the technique. Now you are ready to add the technique to your own vocabulary so you also are able to use it in other than in this particular Frederik Chopin piece. Practicing it in a chromatic fashion up the fret board is extremely helpful. Good luck