Hey hey ! here is the first new blog post since my old website was hacked and destroyed. As you may know this is the new url where things are going down from now on. I wanted to congratulate that all the old blog posts are up and running again and now with this latest addition to the blog posts you'll get a very short and sweet lick addressing both Sweep picking tapping and my crazy Cross hand technique. Obviously this is not something that is easy to use in improvising and therefore I suggest that you work it into a composed solo so you are sure to use it in a musical situation

The Cross hand technique is something I came up with in the beginning of the 2000s or so just for fun and to see what would be the most outrageous thing I could think of done on a guitar. I practice the parts that are most difficult in stuff like this so for example practice going into the Cross hand technique  from the short Legato part to drill the the part that probably woill challenge you the most. Good luck !