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The habits that ensures fast alternate picking

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, January 24, 2019, In : Alternate Picking 

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Frankenstein Techniques

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Saturday, January 12, 2019, In : Sweep Picking Tapping 

In my example I use the sweep picking technique and the legato technique and the sliding technique and finally the tapping technique to make something new and fun, its very inspiring and this concept can spawn a whole bunch of new techniques and licks

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How to use all your fancy chops

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, January 10, 2019, In : how to improvise 

In this video I show you a simple way to start making use of all your material. 
So if you have a bunch of licks that you can play but never make use of when you improvise or solo you MUST check out this video

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Richie Kotzen is so underrated

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Monday, January 7, 2019, In : ritchie kotzen 

in this video I talk about one of my early inspirations and about he was one of the guys that was very inventive in the late eighties and for some reason never got that much credit for it as far as im concerned, I also show you some of he's ways to shred, and you can download the material in all the videos of course

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Vinnie Moore's Legato Conjuring

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Saturday, January 5, 2019, In : vinnie moore 

Here's some of the techniques that Vinnie Moore uses to get he's sweet sound. The combination of legato and whammy bar is some of what I consider being Vinnie's sound, I know he probably did not invent the idea but its a big part of he's sound, especially on the older albums. Also presented in the video are some ideas to get a real smooth legato sound like Vinnie
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How Yngwie Malmsteen builds solos

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, In : yngwie malmsteen 

I did an analysis of the Yngwie Malmsteen song Black star from he's debut album and this is what came up.
It's kind of weird that Yngwie was always accused of just playing fast, because actually I would say that the solo's I analysed was closer to something like 70 percent melody and then only 30 percent fast licks. So in this video I will show you how
Yngwie typically builds a solo

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How Tony Macalpine does it

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, December 30, 2018, In : tony macalpine 

Here's a typical Tony Macalpine approach to improvising. I always know Tony Macalpine's sound when I hear the combination of sweep picking arpeggios tapping and bends, specifically the bends is so much he's sound. I did a little analacys of he's improvised soloin the song poisened cookies which is a live song he does found on youtube
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What would Yngwie Malmsteen do

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, December 25, 2018, In : yngwie malmsteen 

Yngwie Malmsteen's approach to solo using the Natural minor. I did a little analyzis of the track Brothers from the Yngwie album Seventh sign, it's an instrumental if you don't already know it.

It's Not a note for note solo but more a video showing you what Yngwie does in this situation to get the sound he has, whats awesome about  that is that you don't learn he's licks but more how to develop your own way of playing Neo Classical Shred guitar. Remember to click the  lick under the video if...
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How to change your sound with Pentatonics - Super imposing

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, December 20, 2018, In : how to improvise 

Did you check out the lessons, yesterday ? we are continuing the concept of super imposing today but moving the Pentatonic scale so we now get a flattened ninth to enjoy in our Pentatonic scale, and nothing is  changed in the pattern, see how easy it is in the video

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Kill with the Pentatonics - Super imposing

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Wednesday, December 19, 2018, In : how to improvise 

What we do is actually improvise over a chord that is not there, it sounds crazy but thats the idea, so here we improvise over an A minor chord but for the Super imposing part we use a D Pentatonic scale giving us the flat sixth. 

Now you might say that we get that note anyway if we use a natural minor or Harmonic minor or Melodic minor scale. But if we want to keepour Pentatonic sound and also in this case our Pentatonic chops we do it this way, see the video to get a better idea...
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Alter your sweep picking for beginners

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, In : Sweep Picking Tapping 

In this video I will give you a quick way to ad extra notes to a simple triad so it becomes sevenths and major sevenths.
This is a lesson for beginners so if you are new to sweep picking tapping then this i s a good place to start or if you have never thought about the theoretical side to them then you may enjoy this too 
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Simple alternate picking trick to melt peoples faces

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, December 16, 2018, In : Alternate Picking 

Inspired from a non shredder. I have an old friend who is not a shredder at all but in all the bands he's been playing in is he still the one to take the solos and I noticed a lot of people are inpressed with them even though he never really 
studied the guitar for soloing using scales and arpeggios but he found a simple thing that always works for him when he wants to impress.

So he has this short little alternate picking phrace he does every time he needs to intensify the solo and it works l...
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How to play major pentatonic really.... really fast

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, December 14, 2018, In : Guitar Tapping 

I think I have solved the noise problem on my videos so from the next video(I think you will get on monday) should be noise free, woohooo ! this video has some noise im sorry, but the material kicks butt and remember to download the chart under the video on youtube if you need it.

The Major Pentatonic is quite boring but you can also use it as a second pattern for the minor Pentatonic, aaand many other things, but thats a video for the future, for now you can use this awesome lick as a second ...
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The Tapping Revelation

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, In : Guitar Tapping 

Two ways of playing the Pentatonic scale using Tapping, the first way is to play the Pentatonic scale as a three notes per scale pattern and then adding one note as Tapping, using this way you play a new pattern on every other string.

The other way is to play the good old Pentatonic pattern you may know using two notes per string, then the cool thing is that the pattern you would play on every other string, in this case the A, G and high E string you add to the same string using a two note Ta...
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Crazy creativity with Tapping

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, December 9, 2018, In : Guitar Tapping 

Dont hate me for the intro I do ha ha ! I just accidentaly started to play that
riff and I realised how well it worked with Tapping.

Anyway in this video I give you some fun ideas to start being more creative
with Tapping, im goofing a little bit off but the ideas is I just take a scale and
then decide how many fingers I want to use in each hand and work from there
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What's the deal with 8 finger tapping

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, December 6, 2018, In : 8 Finger Tapping 

It's absolutely a valid question to ask since it seems very much over the top to play 8 finger tapping.
The first thing that comes to mind that makes this a valid technique is the sound that is not really possible to get without using this technique.

If you have been using basic tapping before you will also see that the technique makes you able to play stuff you would not have done with other techniques. Some people will say that its possible to do the job just with legato but its a ridiculou...
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Alternate picking enlightenment

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, November 29, 2018, In : Alternate Picking 

Make sure you drill all the situations that you will ever face when you are using the technique for improvising and not just one little detail in the technique.
Obviously you can do both as long as you dont exclude the all the different aspects of the technique, get more into detail
in the video
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How arpeggio inversions are used

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, In : sweep picking 

Have you ever wondered how guitarists play all over the neck but still using the same sound? if so I will show you a cool little concept called inversions where you re use the same notes again and again all over the fret board making you able to sound like a pro

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Turbo Techniques

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, In : how to practice 

Build a strong foundation

Imagine that you are trying out as the new guitar player in
a new band or you need to show your skills that kills somewhere
maybe in a guitar shop or if you are improvising a solo with a band.

Then you seriously need some kick ass chops that work every time
so here in this video I get into a topic that can get you the gig in the
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The mindblowing facts of sweep picking

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, November 18, 2018, In : sweep picking 

Read this
Here's some interresting facts that you really need to think about when you practice your arpeggios using the sweep picking technique, for example that many of the triad arpeggios using five and six strings actually consists of different techniques, namely
 - sweep picking
 - hammer on's
 - pull off's 
and in some cases legato for longerlines of notes in four note arpeggios and up

Now watch the video
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