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Altering the sound of the Major 7 Arpeggio

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, March 26, 2015, In : sweep picking 

This arpeggio is really amazing sounding in my opinion, and its very refreshing to use these Major seven arpeggios if you are normally using the traditional triad arpeggios. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with triads, I use them all the time, but its a question about what sound you're after, if you want Neo Classical Metal or Shred guitar then the triad arpeggios are perfect, I might also add a Dominant seven arpeggio to a Neo Classical Metal piece of music though, but thats pretty much...

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Major 7 Sweep picking Arpeggio extended version

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, March 22, 2015, In : sweep picking 

This sweep picking arpeggio is one that I would normally play on a sevenstring guitar but someone(Thank you !!:)) came up with the idea of playing it on a six string and so I was just taking the same notes as I was playing on the seven string guitar and came up with a way to play it on a six string. The pattern did definetively not become easier but actually quite the contrary "But we do love to practice stuff we cant play... right?"

This technique is one that I in the beginning...

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Melodic Minor Legato lesson

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, March 22, 2015, In : Legato Guitar Lessons 

Hi guys this is actually the first time I post a specifically Melodic Minor lick for some reason. And Isay so because I really love the sound of that scale. In the video I do quite some in depth explaining but if you are one of those who prefer to read let me talk a little about it here. The lick is completely composed from the patterns in the Melodic Minor scale and the specific patterns I use from the Melodic Minor scale is the second and first position. I made it so that it starts and...

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Allan Holdsworth City Nights

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, March 8, 2015, In : allan holdsworth 


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