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Changing scales while improvising

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, February 10, 2019, In : how to improvise 

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The habits that ensures fast alternate picking

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, January 24, 2019, In : Alternate Picking 

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How to use all your fancy chops

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, January 10, 2019, In : how to improvise 

In this video I show you a simple way to start making use of all your material. 
So if you have a bunch of licks that you can play but never make use of when you improvise or solo you MUST check out this video

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How to make the Pentatonic scale an Altered scale

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, December 21, 2018, In : how to improvise 

This time we go nuts with the Pentatonic scale, so much so we get what can be called an Altered scale.  You may ask what an Altered scale is? an Altered scale is one which all the notes are altered either

raised or flattened and this Pentatonic scale is just that except for the minor third and the seventh, so we end up with the flat ninth, raised eleventh and flat thirteenth or sixth

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How to change your sound with Pentatonics - Super imposing

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, December 20, 2018, In : how to improvise 

Did you check out the lessons, yesterday ? we are continuing the concept of super imposing today but moving the Pentatonic scale so we now get a flattened ninth to enjoy in our Pentatonic scale, and nothing is  changed in the pattern, see how easy it is in the video

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String skipping to learn scales and create melody

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, November 25, 2018, In : how to practice 

Using this system helps you in more than one way
Hey hey ! using the string skipping technique or what ever you
wanna call it to get a really strong over view of the scales not only
makes you able to master your scales in the best possible way, it
also makes you play in a more interresting way keeping you from
sounding like "and you do" sound like you just play a scale from one
end to the other
So to sum it all up, In this video I give you a lesson that both makes
you learn the scale patterns fast...
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Alternate Picking Help

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, February 11, 2018, In : Alternate Picking 

Alternate picking
A large part of developing the perfect Alternate Picking technique is a numbers game, and few people ever develop a good enough technique making them able to play really fast and clean alternate picking.

How to practice alternate picking
Once you are one hundred percent sure that you are playing the alternate picking correctly, you know you always without exceptions play an up stroke after playing a down stroke and vice versa and all the other little but critical elements, for...
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Sweep picking secrets part 2

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Saturday, January 6, 2018, In : sweep picking 


One of the things you can take from this video other than the knowledge of the problem of the advancing nature of the sound when you ascend and descend the pick on the strings which you need to be aware of when you practice sweep picking that you don't get cheated by that and start practicing and really monitor closely if you can hear each and every note.

Is to combine another technique that you are contempt with so you can sort of split test the sweep picking with that, as I do for e...
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Another Trick That Makes You Practice Consistently

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Monday, December 18, 2017, In : how to practice 

Take what you already know and get the most out of it

As you can also see in the video I take some techniques that I already know and bunch them together to a new and fun pattern. What I also do is I identify what techniques or patterns I need to work on and make sure they become a part of the new piece I practice. So for me for example I want to practice some descending alternate picking and also a few triad arpeggios that always needs attention to stay on the edge.

Chances are that you at s...
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The Trick That Makes You Practice Consistently

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Saturday, December 9, 2017, In : how to practice 

Good discipline versus bad discipline

One of the so called tricks I used to make myself practice all the time when I was developing my chops back in the days was using discipline, but I know I have been preaching that discipline will not last and creates a lot of stress, that being said I came to think of what awesome things discipline can produce which is to create the freedom later after chosing whats right for you in this moment if you want to be the greatest guitar player you can be

The "tr...
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Fancy Arpeggios

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, August 14, 2015, In : Sweep Picking Tapping 

This is a C Major slash A minor Sweep picking, Tapping, Legato and sliding Arpeggios. It's really cool sounding and you can work it into your own playing from the second position of the Major scale, this means that when you are improvising and soloing and you at one point reach the second Scale position and also the G string you can break into this lick. Of course this is in the key of C but it will benefit you to the extreme if you try to use it in other keys, you could skip the 24th ...
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The 5 critical Steps to fast Alternate picking

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, March 27, 2015, In : Alternate Picking 

Alternate picking can be such a frustrating technique because you develop the speed in another way than with many other techniques, in Alternate picking we develop the speed in quantum leaps instead of gradually getting faster. So a lot of people give up because they don't see the improvement they expect. But check out these five steps in this video and adjust any possible "wrong" way that has not taken you to the result you are after

Step 1. Practice at a pace where you have total cont...
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Alternate Picking Basics part 2

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, March 20, 2015, In : Alternate Picking 

Hey there, I made this video because I got some feedback regarding the previous video touching on the subject of the right hand picking method. So I realized that the previous video was not thorough enough and its funny that whenever I go into detail on a subject that seems quite simple to the untrained eye "such as my own" then I suddenly conceive that there is much more to the case that I first thought. So in this video I will go more into detail on the ways to hold the pick. For me pe...
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Guitar Tapping tutorial

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, March 20, 2015, In : Guitar Tapping 

By public demand ;) I created this video showing you some of the concepts and ideas that make up licks, chops and phrases that are possible on the guitar. Of course there are endless resources available as soon as you start to get your mind going on what you can do with the concet of guitar tapping. In this video im showing you a few basic concepts from the Pentatonic scale in the key of E minor. I touch upon the subject playing the full scale and then both minor triad arpeggios and four...

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Alternate picking adjusting the pick part 2

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Monday, March 9, 2015, In : Alternate Picking 

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Alternate Picking Basics

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Sunday, March 8, 2015, In : Alternate Picking 

I did this video a while ago with the intention of starting a site with only beginner guitar stuff. I saw the video through and I think the video has some important knowledge if you want to learn how to play guitar shred guitar and lead guitar style of course. I go through all the pitfalls I believe there can appear when you want to play fast alternate picking such as where to establish your control of the right arm and hand. The first point of control of the movement actually starts in ...
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