Good discipline versus bad discipline

One of the so called tricks I used to make myself practice all the time when I was developing my chops back in the days was using discipline, but I know I have been preaching that discipline will not last and creates a lot of stress, that being said I came to think of what awesome things discipline can produce which is to create the freedom later after chosing whats right for you in this moment if you want to be the greatest guitar player you can be

The "trick"
I use the name trick because its sort of a psychological technique to get yourself to do something in order to get a future result. The idea is to create a vision of how you want yourself to be in the future, if you create a mental idea of a future self you will start making the adjustments in your life to make this vision happen, this means that if you have a tendency to procrastinate or just spend too much time on stuff that has no relevance to your vision, you will start to take actions that changes those bad habits, you will become more selective as to what you say yes to instead of just saying yes every time someone asks you if you want to hang out or whatever it may be

But you have to re visit that mental picture of yourself every day in order to make yourself do whats necessary to make your vision happen. So for example start your day with a short meditation on your vision, and I don't mean meditate for thirty minutes or anything like that, just a few minutes where you get the feeling of already living your vision, but you got to get the habit of doing this every morning or whenever works for you

Avoid the bad discipline 
The bad discipline that I have been ranting about many times before is the kind that creates stress for you and the people around you, its mostly when you give yourself some ridiculous instructions like practicing all your waking hours which is too much for any man because as soon as you don't live up to this unrealistic idea you will be stressed out, so in other words you have to find a balance to this that works in your daily life but it also has to be a bit of a stretch to create any kind of effect on you, now go to work on your vision