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You can donate to the production of the new Niels Vejlyt CD project until January 1st 2021
Dear friends, we hope you will join us in our new studio adventure to create a masterpiece. 12 songs are written and demoed for the new Niels Vejlyt album but we still need to enter the studio and get the songs recorded, mixed and mastered

Once we reach our minimum goal of 2000$ the production of the album will start. This means that Niels and Jakob and Nikolaj will enter the studio to finish their recordings. After this process the engineer will start mixing and finally master the album

The final stage of the process is the cd pressing. This process is done by a company in Germany that we used for several albums

All the stages will be updated here on the website and once the CD is pressed it will be shipped to you

If the minimum goal of 2000$ is not reached, the production will not start and you will get your money back, but we sincerely hope that our goal is met so we can produce the best album possible

Jakob, Nikolaj and Niels

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The new CD Signed by Niels, Jakob and Nikolaj

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The new CD with your name in the liner notes

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The new CD signed plus the CD Niels Vejlyt The sword of ancient myth and the CD Niels Vejlyt Concerto

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The new CD signed plus the CD Niels Vejlyt The sword of ancient myth and the CD Niels Vejlyt Concerto the CD Sages Recital debut album and Sages Recital The winter symphony CD

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06-0- 2020 
We have scheduled the first drum recording session to be in  August. The first few songs will be recorded on Sunday 2nd. Ill make sure to post some video and pics
So on sunday August 2nd we recorded drums for the first batch of songs for the new album. We want to thank the people who supported us already from the heart. But we are still far from the gold and we hope for more backers
Nikolaj recorded he's bass for about half the songs now, it sounds killer.
We have moved the deadline for fundraising the new album from October 1st to December 1st 2021 because Jakob will not finish he's recordings until December this year. So we hope to reach our goal by then
We are now starting the mixing process of the first few songs and hope to be ready to send the mixes to mastering in the beginning of 2021, stay tuned
A couple of news, on sunday 10th of January Jakob is doing the final recordings. The other bit news is that we have the bass phenom Bernardo Fesch on the new album too, we are very honered to be blessed with he's amazing chops
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Info about the campaign
Once the goal is reached to produce the album weekly updates will be updated on this site regarding the production, once the production has ended the album will be shipped to you. 
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