Sweep Picking 8 Finger Tapping - The Next Generation

You will learn

First of all probably the most outrageous technique out there today. But other than the obvious crazy flashy look of this technique you will learn to play four note arpeggios on all six strings, minor seven, major seven, dominant and even minor seven flat five or also called half diminished. 

On top of that you will learn to ad the complete pertaining scale that fits to the arpeggio in any mode which means that you can play any arpeggio plus its full scale in any mode and any position.

What this means to you is that no matter where you are on the neck in whatever scale position you will have a sweep picking 8  finger tapping at the sleight of hand.

In the program

  • 14 sweep picking 8 finger tapping lessons
  • 7 combinations of the tonic and the sub dominant examples


  • 71 minutes of video
  • 17 pages document
  • tablature
  • standard notation

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have ordered quite a few of your lesson packages and I really have to tell you that after working with your material,nothing comes close.Every time I order someone elses instructional dvd,it just doesn't even come close to what I have learned from your material.A lot of these dvds say"Extreme" Guitar!Are they kidding.They are pure garbage and by far very elementary.Thanks again for offering material that actually takes the guitarist to a whole new level!"

Aaron Tremper

Your material is so far the most systematic and comprehensive teaching material I have found on the internet for guitar

Sigurd Bjørhovde

This is by far the most thorough instruction I have found
Ash J.


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