Sweep Picking 8 Finger - the ultimate guitar technique

The Ultimate Guitar Technique Finally Revealed In Extreme Detail 

  • Almost 4 hours of video
  • Jamtrack
  • Ebook and Tablature
  • Bonus programs

Making the "impossible" easy

In the mother program I will show you exactly how to master sweep picking 8 finger tapping. Follow the steps that makes something that is almost impossible really easy. When these steps are followed with no deviation you will be playing techniques that will blow your mind before you know it. All the elements that when combined seem pretty much un doable is divided into little parts that when put together will make your audience lose their minds

At last using the modes 

You will learn to use all the seven modes in the Major scale making use of all the cool subtleties in each and every mode so you are able to express what ever mood or shade you want to that fits to any situation or style of music from modern fusion a la Allan Holdsworth to extreme shred a la Buckethead or Yngwie Malmsteen. 

Express way to Mastery 

This video shows you the express way to use these extreme licks in your own playing. This new method makes it so simple to use over the top chops in your solos so you will actually be using the material in this program in no time so this does not just become one of those typical guitar instructional programs that teaches you a bunch of stuff that will never leave your house and into the hearts and minds of your audience where they belong 

The Ultimate Techniques Explained

The 8 finger tapping technique can be combined with sweep picking in so many ways so in this part we will get creative to the max and you will learn all the completely insane ways that sweep picking 8 finger tapping can be utilized. You will learn to throw in 8 finger tapping in the middle of a sweep picking pattern and combined with out of this world legato lines. Theres no end to the fun and creative way you can use these techniques

Evolution Of The Supreme

As if it wasn't enough to combine sweep picking triads with 8 finger tapping we are now going to combine 8 finger tapping with sweep picking minor seven, major seven, dominants and minor seven flat fives. But not only that, you will also learn extremely cool combinations with legato lines, slides and add to that new awesome inversions of the arpeggios. 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for making it so accessible in these lessons. It’s like learning from Charlie Parker.

Eric Miller

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have ordered quite a few of your lesson packages and I really have to tell you that after working with your material,nothing comes close.Every time I order someone elses instructional dvd,it just doesn't even come close to what I have learned from your material.A lot of these dvds say"Extreme" Guitar!Are they kidding.They are pure garbage and by far very elementary.Thanks again for offering material that actually takes the guitarist to a whole new level!"

Aaron Tremper

Your material is so far the most systematic and comprehensive teaching material I have found on the internet for guitar

Sigurd Bjørhovde

This is by far the most thorough instruction I have found
Ash J.


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