Sweep Picking Virtuosity 

Perfect your Sweep Picking Technique to shred like a Virtuoso

Niels’ Sweep Picking Course is like having a guitar instructor sitting right next to you guiding you long to develop the skill of sweep picking. In Niels’ course, he immediately identifies a common problem that most guitarists have when they try to sweep pick. Niels explains how to overcome this problem, along with exercises to develop the necessary muscle skills to execute the technique. Niels metered approach to practicing the technique of sweep picking helps you from over practicing bad habits that you may develop from play any exercise repeatedly. You practice for the recommended time, and then you move on to playing something else. This way when you return to practice the exercise again, it is fresh and challenging, and not dull and boring. This course is worth the investment in improving your arsenal of guitar techniques making you a better player 

                                                   Robb KC 

More than 4 and a half hours of video plus additional detailed booklets on how to implement the material into your own playing, backing tracks and tablature

Uncover the hidden techniques

- The Sweep picking technique has become vocabulary but few ever reach the level of Mastery

- Bring to light the hindrances that might hold you back from advancing faster 

Get the knowledge that reveals the secrets

To get the total understanding and leverage your Sweep Picking technique you need to get a clear understanding.
One of the first pitfalls you st ep into when trying to get sufficient quality of the notes speeding up the Sweep Picking techniqueis not having the complete understanding of the mechanics of each fingering of the sweep picking patterns. Presented to you are 

Scrutinizing up close video of every detail 
of the left hand so you get the secrets of every step of the left hand mechanics in the Sweep Picking technique

Mastering essential fundamentals 

- one of the typical overlooked aspects of the Sweep picking technique is the excessive differentiation between the right and left hand

Learn the essential synchronicity 

Yet another interesting facet of sweep picking is the frequently vry large movement of the picking hand compared to the fretting hand which in many situations are extremely subtle compared to the picking hand.

In this program we get hold of the essential fundamentals to make the right and left hand work together in perfect harmony 

Making practical use of every note

- To avoid learning stuff that does not benefit all the aspects of your playing we will drag everything we can from the Sweep picking patterns in the program 

Finally using the licks and phrases in your own playing

Not only will you learn the fun and inspiring Sweep Picking melody in the song but we will also drag the juice out of it and learn how to implement the material into our own playing  

Total improvisation mastery

- Imagine sitting with your guitar in any situation just noodling and impressive over the top licks falls from your hand like it's the most natural thing in the world for you 

Play highly advanced licks when improvising

You will be introduced to the amazing improvisation system I have developed over years that makes it possible to play highly advanced licks when improvising like it was the most natural thing in the world.

In the video and the accompanying booklet I give you an easy to follow  

Complete advantage of Arpeggios

- To fully understand and getting the complete advantage of the Sweep picking technique it is crucial to fathom the concepts of Arpeggios completely in the program... We will "rip the lid off of it" 

Clearing the Smoke from the Arpeggios

In the program you will get the clear understanding of the powerful impact of Sweep Picking arpeggios and also learn the theory of arpeggios and how you can easily compose music with them

Finally clearing the smoke from this powerful and effective tool so you too can get all the benefits of Sweep Picking arpeggios

Clear and measurable progress

- Follow the steps that make your improvement visible by following either the beginner or experienced practicing schedule. Once you have followed the schedule everyday for a while even the technical drill becomes something you can't wait to do, simply because of the power of habit 

A clear goal is power 

Once you are following a specific practicing plan avoiding the typical temptations of browsing new video lessons that takes off the pressure for a few hours you a certain to get results quickly. Enjoy the successes you will get once you have a clear written goal to follow every day 

Play to inspiring Backing tracks 

- Learn how to make real music with Sweep picking Arpeggios and make practicing even more fun and inspiring plus learn to improvise with the accompanying Backing tracks

Making your technical lessons a fun and joyful experience  

I have composed new and inspiring music with a real drummer in the studio, harmonies to make your learning experience fun and inspiring. And even very technical excercise becomes a joy to do. So the lessons that you had to slave yourself doing now becomes something you look forward to

Bonus programs. 75$ value 

Etudes and Licks 

Play with a Symphonic orchestra

- Get the experience of playing with a real Symphonic orchestra and feel the power of strings, brass, wood wind and percussion joining you 

Make your licks work in any key 

- Imagine taking any lick and being so flexible so you can morph it into any situation. You will not only get these new and inspiring Sweep picking arpeggios but also alter them into any situation

Make any lick so flexible to use it in any song 

Do you know the annoying situation where you have a bunch of licks that only works for certain songs or a certain key? in this video we will take the sweep picking patterns and alter or diminish them so they can be thrown into any situation. I will show you in a manner that is easy to understand how to make the licks work where ever you are on the fretboard and incorporate them into your playing when you are improvising with your band or just jamming to a backing track. To practice these concepts you get backing tracks to develop the system yourself 

Creative Arpeggios 

Master Extreme Arpeggios

- In this program you will learn to combine Sweep picking with every technique you can imagine like multi finger tapping, Legato and even Bending and Sliding 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for making it so accessible in these lessons. It’s like learning from Charlie Parker.

Eric Miller

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have ordered quite a few of your lesson packages and I really have to tell you that after working with your material,nothing comes close.Every time I order someone elses instructional dvd,it just doesn't even come close to what I have learned from your material.A lot of these dvds say"Extreme" Guitar!Are they kidding.They are pure garbage and by far very elementary.Thanks again for offering material that actually takes the guitarist to a whole new level!"

Aaron Tremper

Your material is so far the most systematic and comprehensive teaching material I have found on the internet for guitar

Sigurd Bjørhovde

This is by far the most thorough instruction I have found
Ash J.

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